Azdeus Calculator it is simple calculator, for people and for me. 2 + 2 = 4 i am god and i check this.

Azdeus Calendar it is simple calendar, for me and for people. Once again, I god forgot the day of the week.

Azdeus Desk it is simple whiteboard, for some bad idea.

Azdeus Sysios its a simple Window System in the browser. But this not good for use, i god think so.

Azdeus Portal is popular services. some people some where mast use some tools of pirats for use this grrrrrr.

Azdeus Time is wall clock. I God hope your watch on your device go exactly.

Azdeus Terminal it is simple command line inside browser.

Azdeus Color Select it is color tool.

Azdeus 2048 it is game. I like this.

Azdeus Mapis simple map.

Azdeus QR is easy QR code generator.

Azdeus Barcode is easy bar code generator

Azdeus Periodic is periodic table of chemical elements

Azdeus TurnOff it is game for kill time

Azdeus Office it is office tool for web, but under constraction now.

Azdeus DesignStudio it is editor of image in web, but under constraction now.

Azdeus Notepad you can use this.

Azdeus Post it is azdeus blog, but in Russian now

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